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Helping rehabilitation professionals:

  1. Quickly create custom therapeutic exercise programs with videos and pictures
  2. Save time, improve quality of care, and ease record keeping
  3. Show patients what to do and how to do it at home

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Example Exercises

The power of YHEP is the exercise videos using verbal instruction combined with pictures and written instructions. The practitioner can add special instructions and the specific exercise prescription to fully customize the program for their client. Click on the examples below to see how they work.

Hamstring  Stretch with Hip at 90 Degrees

Lie on your back in hook lying. Lift the leg to 90 degrees, wrapping your hands around your thigh. Extend the knee ...

Forward Rocking  (PlantarFlexion) On 1/2 Foam Roll with Support

Standing on a 1/2 Foam Roll with 2 feet and hand supporting balance on stable surface. Start with a core contraction ...

Knees to Chest Progression

Begin on your back in the hook lying position. Relax your back, hips and legs, gently stabilize with your core lower ...

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YHEP for Rehabilitation Professionals

YHEP for Rehabilitation Professionals

P.T., O.T., A.T.C., Chiropractor, Personal Trainers/Fitness professionals, M.D.

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